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Underage Driving Lessons

Underage Driving Lessons

Our Mini First drive lessons offer anyone from the ages of 10 and above the opportunity to get in the driver’s seat and start to teach you how to control and manoeuvre a vehicle, all carried out by experienced ADI instructors. The lessons are slow speed and designed to help develop the basics in car control (No J turns or doughnuts here I’m afraid) just like your first lessons would be on the road for when you first start building your experience for your test.

Items covered include: Clutch Control, Reversing, Parking, Changing gear, Manoeuvring and more.

Whilst these lessons are predominately aimed at ensuring customers get the opportunity to practise and learn the fundamentals of driving a vehicle prior to 17 we have found customers of all ages and experiences like to take the opportunity to drive our little Mini Cooper S!

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