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Under 17 Drive 3 Supercars

Under 17 Drive 3 Supercars


Specifically tailored for non-drivers, this is the deal for customers from 12-17 years of age.


Open the door, hop in and make yourself familiar with the controls of our Supercars. This option will allow YOU to DRIVE three of our Supercar fleet for 3 laps each. Make the choice on arrival and prepare to make that dream come true and you start the engine, select first gear and make your way on the circuit in one of the worlds finest Supercars - choose from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi R8, Nissan GTR, Aston Martin and more. 


With one of our instructors on board to guide you round, we will ensure that you safely experience the Supercar & Sportscars of your choosing, while getting valuable insight and advice at the same time. 

Put simply, this is what we do and its epic!


NB - we will email your code ASAP after purchase, but please be aware we send them out manually - you will receive a confirmation email on order so you know your purchase was successful.  

Codes are valid from 6 (six) months from date of purchase

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