At Supercarworld, we don’t only let you drive Supercars in a safe environment – our roster of race instructors give us the ability to offer tailored driver training for those looking to develop their car control skills – whether that be for speed on track or additional safety on the road.

Learn, in a safe, controlled environment, about the real world effects of a car on the edge of control and how you, as a driver, can manage that car to bring it back under control, or utilise it to generate more speed on track.

We work from first principles – develop good habits rather than build on bad.  The fundamentals of steering and braking, weight transfer – right through to as advanced as you wish to go.

Driver training is performed in your car – the key is to build confidence in the vehicle you’ll use, so whether it’s a hot hatch, fast saloon, sports car or track car – we can help you get the best from it, safely.

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"The experience was good. Good to know how to handle the car you actually drive.  Also the limits without driver aids. Definitely recommend it."

Azz Nadeem

"What a fantastic day. I learnt so much, how the car feels when it understeers/oversteers and how to deal with that. What's great is that you get to do the drills again and again so you really get a feel for it. You just can't do this anywhere else. The tuition is great with a really good tutor to pupil ratio, you're driving most the day. Best upgrade I've paid for"

Hugh Watson

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